GRUNDTVIG WORKSHOPS: Volunteers for sustainable development in tourism. Become eco-tourist.

 Arrival date: 2012-05-27 
Departure date:  2012-06-02

Venue of the Workshop Place: Cracow,  Poland

Language of the Workshop: English


 All costs (costs of participating in the workshop, costs of travel, insurance, board and accommodation) will be covered of Life Long Learning Programme Grundtvig and Workshop organiser.

 About the workshop

 The inspiration for this workshop came from the slogan of World Tourism Day 2009: ’Tourism – Celebrating Diversity’. ‘The theme focuses on the world’s cultural wealth and the important role sustainable tourism plays in revitalizing local traditions and making them flourish as they cross other cultures.’

A huge variety of local customs co-exist taking even taking into consideration only European region, be they languages, religions, architecture, food, politics or natural environments. This diverse environment has allowed the travel and tourism industry to thrive and become the largest single export industry and a leading force in the service sector. Every region of the world is distinct and thus has something both to offer and gain through travel and tourism, particularly less developed nations. It is the responsibility of industry stakeholders to harness these opportunities whilst facing the long term challenges engendered by travel and tourism.
‘Tourism – Celebrating Diversity’ highlights this varied environment which is at the very centre of tourism.’
Diversity has indeed been the motor behind travel and tourism for centuries. It is our responsibility to promote the sustainable development of the industry whilst conserving the unique facets present on the globe. Therefore local citizens should be actively included in the tourism development whilst preserving its immaterial assets every region possesses.

The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness of sustainable development in tourism. During the workshops, discussions, work groups, participants acquire knowledge on the threats posed by tourism to regional environments, how important is to preserve regional goods, traditions and heritage, and what it means to be a conscious tourist. The participants will also become more interests in social activities concerning issues and problems of the communities they are living in.

After completing the workshop, the participants will:
– learn about regional diversity,
– become conscious and active citizens,
– gain knowledge on tourist ethics in accordance with World Tourist Organization,
– improve their spoken English and vocabulary.

Who can apply

Adult residents of European Union countries + Turkey, Croatia, Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Target Group

The workshop is designed for adults from countries participating in the LLP program, who are interested in volunteering work, eco-tourism and sustainable development of their regions. The workshop is open to everybody, without regard for the attained education, or social handicaps. A condition for participation is communicative level (B2) in the workshop’s working language, which is English.

Expected number of participants:15

Transport details

The organizers are responsible for the transportation fees. The participants will book and purchase their air tickets by selecting among flight options approved by the organizers. Once ticket booking and purchase is accomplished the participants must send all the booking and flight details to the organizers. The participants will be fully refunded by the organizers on arrival to Poland only by providing the flight invoice or the flight card. The participants’ transport from the airport to the accommodation place and vice versa will be organized by the organizers. In case a participant uses local transportation means he/she will be fully refunded.
The organizers are not obliged to pay for any fees for transports outside the workshop activities (i.e. free time private transports).


The participants will stay in a hotel in Cracow, bed and breakfast, which will be booked and paid by the organizers. All the accommodation details will be announced to the participants prior to their arrival. In case two participants wish to share the same hotel room, they will have to make a relevant statement in their application form, part II.1, in the box “Other Information You Would Like to Mention”. If for example applicants A and B wish to share the same room in case their applications are approved, they must both make the following statement in their application forms: “I wish to share my hotel room with applicant A/B”. Their request will be taken under consideration in case all the respective applicants make the statement and all the respective applications are approved.

Attendance certification

After the end of the workshop’s activities the participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance.