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5th day

The final day. 

1) Discussion on World Tourism Day 2011
2) group work – developing ideas for voluntary work in sustainable development of tourism in my
region/preserving regional inheritance etc.
3) Presenting outcomes of the workshops and summing up the workshop.

For the last evening the participants got a chance to learn about polish traditional regional dances and music.


4th day

The real voluntary work. Apart from theory participants had a chance to do something for the benefit of local institution Aeris Futuro which will remind both sides about each other. 

1) introducing the Global Code of Ethics for tourism
2) Presenting the methods on Encouraging Green Tourism
3) checklist for planning and assessing your own voluntary initiatives.


3rd day

Introduction to Voluntary activities:

1) Volunteering, personal engagement in the social activities in my region.
2) Types of Voluntary Initiatives for Sustainable Tourism
3) Volunteering work in local society and volunteer tourism.
3) Discussion and summarizing

The evening was commited to learning about promotion of regional uniqueness on the basis of local monastery. The participants were also guest in the local travellers club where they were taught some old polish songs by hosts.



 2nd day

1)Introduction of governmental policies on eco-tourism and sustainable development and
undertaken actions to reduce tourism footprints, activity of WTO
2) presenting case study and best practices in sustainable development in tourism
3) Discussion, presenting of tourism development and cultural heritage of participants regions

Participants visited Nowa Huta – some time ago it was separate village, build during comunism times and later on it became part of Cracow.  It is quite different from Cracow, industrial part of the city. 


 1st day 

It is the time to learn about each other and the other countries and cultures. 
Participants brought materials and leaflets about their home towns. They were also given materials about Cracow and Malopolska region. 
Plan for the day:
 1) Introduction tourism industry and sustainable development in tourism – definitions, background.
2) Provide a baseline between tourism and intangible cultural heritage, including risks and opportunities
3) Discussion and summarizing

To finish first day participants had a chance to see old town of Cracow which is placed on UNESCO list. (photos by Markos Chelios)


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Second stage of Recruitment process

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Recruitment process

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